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                                                               Daddy's Job
    They dropped the girl on the floor, pushing her on her hands and knees at the feet of Aidan. Jace walked to the side of her and tapped her side with his foot, getting her to look up at him, he pointed to Aidan.
"This is your new master. Master Jones. Maybe he will teach you something... Well say hello, dont be so rude you little beast." He spat, kicking her side harder she skiddishly looked up at him, then at Aidan, nodding her head low as she said.
" He-hello master Jones. Sir." Aidan was sadden by the frighten tone of the small teen.
"You really don't have to call me that, I'm Aidan." He offered a hand to help her up, but Jace looked at him with disapproval shaking his head. He took his hand shaking it instead of letting him help her.
"Pleasure doing business with you, now there are some things I should tell you about how I would like you to train her. Since she is a canine as you know, she better responds to corporal punishment. And I expect you to have her trained on to get ready for said punishments."
Aidan look at him with shock, stricken back by what he just heard.
"You heard me, when we say bend over, she does it, when we say drop your pants, she does it. I want her to be very obedient. And a good little pup that does what she's told." Jace nodded at him, looking down at the girl who was covering her head in distaste, Aidan was about to protest, but he knew better, they would have taken the girl and killed her off. The jackal looked back at the lion with sternness on his face." Well it appears I should be leaving. Boys." He snapped his fingers, and the two other men walk out the front door, one of them holding for the Jace. Jace calmly nodded to Aidan "I will bring the older one as soon as you think your ready for it. And I want her trained. Make sure of it." he walked out, leaving the door open.  Aidan closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

   "What have I gotten myself into." he sighed and shut the door, when he turned around the girl was no where to been seen. "Shit.." He began scavenging around the house but didnt have to look far, she was in between the couch and the tv stand, her knees pressed up against her chest, hugging her legs. She looked up, frightened at what the man towering above her, she was shaking hard. He knelt down slowly trying his best not to startle her. He reached out and gently touched her hair, she flinched but seemed to not fight it. "I'm not going to hurt you. Not like that, I promise." He gently lifted her chin observing her bruised and battered face. He let go when they made eye contact. "What's your name?" She swallowed hard.
"S-Shilow. Sir." She quietly replied, not sure if Aidan was really a friend or another monster like Jace. He nodded recognizing her fear.
"How old are you Shilow?"

"....Old? uhm...." She blushed not knowing how to properly say her age. He could see her frustration and fear written on her face.
"Do you know how to count?"
" 10.." she hung her head in embarrassment, burying her face in her arms.
"No, no, it's ok, you dont know, thats fine. Not everyone know everything. Do- Do you have any idea on what your birth date is? It's important that I know." He tried to make her feel better, while also trying to get his answers.
"Yea...March..2-2-29th. 1996" Aidan blinked not sure on what to say. He pieced together the dates to pull out her age.
"Your 15...almost 16. Your doing good, there's nothing to fear." he thought about how scared she was. "You look like you haven't bathed in a while, how dose a nice shower sound? We can talk more over some food. You must be starving." He stood up taking some steps back. "follow me, I'll show you to the restroom." He started walking. She carefully stood up and trailed behind him, sideways so if he struck she could see it coming.They went up stairs and he stopped in the hall, grabbing a fresh towel, then across from it was the restroom. He handed her the towel and noticed how short she was, if he didnt know any better he would think she was 11-13. "stay put, im going to give you some fresh clothes and I'll throw those in the wash.." He re evaluated her attire. "Or away completely." He went to the last room on the left, and pulled out a drawer on his big dark gray oak dresser, not sure what to give her that she would fit in. He found some blue flannel pajamas and settled for that. When he went back into the hall, she was standing, and hadn't appeared to move a muscle. He handed her the pj's. "Do you know how to work the shower?" He asked, leading her into the rather large restroom turning on the light.
"Yes, master Jones."
"Please, call me Aidan."
"Sorry, master Aidan." she hung her head, not sure what to say. He would have to work on that.
"Well, I'll see you when you get down." He smiled friendly, walking away, shutting the restroom door behind him.
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ChinchillaShogunXam Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Well if you were going for a fucked up factor you sure as hell accomplished that. If they care about her not being social, then why do they continue to treat her like shit and so disgust in the idea of showing her any compassion? And they want her prepared for spankings? Then why did they do so much horrible other stuff to her before now? These guys are pretty fucked up in the head. It's sad Aiden has to play along with this shit... Albeit I am interested. =/
darklunawerewolf Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013
Ideally they want Shi to be the "perfect servant" and wanting a quick threating solution, scare factor, so that they can taunt and she obeys, and yes I was going for more fucked up. Lol, the thing is, they dont realize that she has taken the opposite "shut down" response. Adians goal is to make her more social in a litteral sense, trying to create a relationship, while Jace wants to make her sellable, more of a psuedo socialness, just to commercialize how he his servents are the best in town.(sorry for the super late reply I hardly come on here lol)
ChinchillaShogunXam Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I'm aware you don't come here much, you said so last time. I've seen your gallery on fur-affinity, it's full of a lot of palette swap butts. Not that I'm complaining. =P

I'm not even going to ask how they're getting away with this slavery thing and messed up treatment, or if this story has a happy ending, because I'm pretty certain this is all just a matter of fetish. =/
darklunawerewolf Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013
its has no intent of escalating sexually haha,its an interesting story as how that works, think similar to mob boss and rich. Happy ending is up for debate, I'll cross it when I get there, or for a twist make it controversial on weather its a good or bad ending. Still up in the air.
ChinchillaShogunXam Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Tell that to the art you do of her on FA. =P Gave me the wrong impression that's for sure. :XD:

Oh god, you mean like the ending of Inception? Or bittersweet like Gurren Lagaan? I say with how bad things started off, and they were pretty dark and messed up, just go with a happy ending that makes sense. I would suggest running away with her, but then they'd just track him and the story continues. For now I'm fine with bits of plot, and Shi getting spanked on her cute panties and fanny. =P
icer67 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2012   Writer
Thought of continuation?
darklunawerewolf Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012
sorry for the super late reply like (5 months), yes I hope to continue it
icer67 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012   Writer
Nice story
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